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August 28, 2012
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Contest Begins Now! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 28, 2012, 7:38 PM
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Ohhai. If you haven't checked out my other contest (it ends December 1st!) you should check it out here:
600points for first place and art!

Also, draw a few cute neko boys doing whatever you want in my OTHER other contest here:…
(it ends January 6th!)

:bulletblue:EDIT5: The list of entrants has been sorted based on who has submitted their entry thus far and who has not. You have two weeks left to finish!
:bulletblue: EDIT4: Added a new OC of mine; Comatosse.
:bulletblue: EDIT3: Added a few more songs and I'm working on a reference sheet for one additional OC. Um, also tried to add a couple songs that were less Indie+Alternative lmao, as well as some songs being added for the OC I will be adding tonight or tomorrow. And just saying, listening to a lot of LMFAO and trying to put my characters with it.. some songs have been ruined for me forever LOL.

:bulletblue: EDIT2: Emi-Kay did not provide me with the references and information I asked/needed within the week, soooo Austin and Rome will NOT be included in this contest. You only have my four OCs and UncommonlyNormal's two, ahah.

:bulletblue: EDIT: added a few things/songs and edited a rule ;u;
-- Also two new characters added via UncommonlyNormal

So it looks like I have enough people willing to join. Or well, I have at least one or two. :'D
The poll was SO close the entire time, too LOL. Always tied or one option winning by just one vote. xD

But basically, what has been decided on via poll is that you will be drawing from a list of OCs.
That's not all. .D.

I have created a list of songs for you to choose from as well!
"But wtf does that even mean? ;A;"

It means that not only will you choose whichever OC you prefer from my list, but you will ALSO choose a song that you prefer to couple with it.
"omg I still don't understand unu"

Basically, what you need to do is read the tiny bio beneath each reference thumbnail of the characters (or just the one you want to draw) and decide which song YOU think goes best with the character's personality, back-story, etc.
"but that sounds hard omfg :'U"

It isn't as difficult as it seems!
Say, for example, you choose a character that is generally very content and laid-back. You wouldn't want to choose a song that seeps with depression or is seething with rage then, would you?
OF COURSE NOT! :dummy:
You'd want something lighter or more care-free/happy.
However, the more effort you put into your research of the character or how much you try and understand their personalities, the better the drawing you'll be able to create and the better you'll be able to truly fit a matching song.

NOW, FOR A LITTLE MORE DETAIL incase you have more questions inside your mind! :'D
-You DO NOT have to draw a literal representation of whatever the song is about and you do NOT have to do some sort of play-on-words. An example would be… say "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa was a song option. You wouldn't have to draw the character playing poker or something along those lines. You could if you WANTED to, but do know that choosing a song for the emotion YOU feel from it, etc, will get you more credit when judging comes around.

-If you PERSONALLY get a different feel from a song than the general audience does, simply explain your opinion of WHY you chose the song in your artist's comments when you submit your entry. Any explanation you give will 100% be taken into account when your entry is being judged.

-Myself and the other Judges have tried to make a rather diverse song list so that there were many options and different emotions to play with. There is no specific song that goes with any specific character. Nearly all of them can be used for any character to some extent; some songs being chosen for lyrics while others being chosen for the general sound of the music or the way the vocalist sings.

-You may pair an OC with a song based on that OC's personality, likes and dislikes, past/history, their relationships, the music genre of the song, the lyrics, really anything you'd like to do. Even things such as simply drawing the OC and then choosing a song you think suits them to mention in the artist's comments. I mean, don't choose an angry, depressing song and draw the character super cheery and happy, LOL, but I'm sure you understand.
Though, if you choose a song for lyrics rather than the song's general sound, then that can be swayed a bit.
I'm sure you all understand, I'm just paranoid. :'D

-Some song + character relations you will not be able to realize unless you have read further into the character on their reference sheet.

:star: NOW, for the character list! :star:

:bulletblack: Comatosse: :thumb326575341:

--- Comatosse is male, 21 years old. He is quite sexual and flirtatious, enjoying nothing more but a night of sex followed by a day of laying with his love, doing nothing. He's very dedicated and playful (with his mate), but to everyone else he seems like a one-night-stand type of guy; very suave and alluring. However, he only acts this way because of his emotionally painful past with his previous master. He loves leather, water, sleeping, and most games.

:bulletblack: Joshwa Kesch: :thumb315393122:

--- Joshwa is male, 24 years old. He had a bit of a rough past with a bitter, disapproving family. During highschool and a bit after this led him to low self-worth, drinking, drugs, and an overwhelming sex-life. However as he matured and got away from his family he became very self-confident/loving, cocky, and calmed down. He is a tattoo artist, loves painting + graffiti, music, is very outgoing and generous, care-free, and playful.

:bulletblack: Jara Jenkins: :thumb324010221:

(Jara may be drawn ONLY as his Human self or Semi-Human self for this contest. NO Mage/Warcraft form.)
--- Jara is male, 26 years old. He doesn't have many friends due to his stand-offish and rude personality to most new people, as well as being very apathetic towards anyone's opinions or ideals. He is very punk + nonconformist and hates just about everyone. He loves music + concerts, smoking, drinking, walking, and is secretly a very deep romantic for his girlfriend.  

:bulletblack: Seir Yoku: :thumb315253355:

--- Seir is male, 23 years old. He had a very drama-filled past with many incidents of past lovers. However, as of now, he lives a very happy, generous life. He is very kind, accepting, loving, and confident, often spending his wealth on others. He loves coffee, photography, traveling, fashion, and meeting new people.

:bulletblack: Damien Parker: :thumb315411457:

--- Damien is male, 22 years old. He was born in Puerto Rico and then moved to America when he was 11, having stayed there ever since. He has an abrasive personality, being very outgoing/loud amoungst friends, but more quiet and withdrawn around new people. He is quick to anger, hates women, smokes when upset, often mentally weak and gives in to pressure, a masochist, does Parkour, and loves singing.

:bulletblack: Phillip Daniel: Reaper Sold! by Gay-Kid

--- Phillip is owned by UncommonlyNormal. If you have any questions concerning him, please note UncommonlyNormal. Since Phillip does not have an extensively detailed reference sheet, his bio is slightly longer.
--- "One note for him will be his eyes. Because there's no official drawing of them, they'll need to be explained (but if anyone draws them, I'll be really lenient, so long as it seems they at least read the note about them):
Phillip's eye colour is a mix of neon blue and neon green. The colours mix in both eyes, speeding up the swirling when he's excited, and slowing when he's calm. He still has the black pupil in normal eyes. Also, YES, his teeth are sharp.
Info: Phillip Daniel is a freak. He has superhuman abilities, to an extent, in which he can jump to unbelievable heights, and his speed is too fast for human eyes, as well as being extremely lithe and agile. He never changes his outfit, even though it hardly ever seems dirty (other than blood), so he will forever be.....fashionably unique. One main trait to Phillip is that he's a killer. He will kill whoever he can with whatever he can as soon as he feels like it. It's hard to tell when he'll have an episode, though, because they occur at completely random times. The one weapon he carries around (but not always uses) is his scythe, as shown in the picture. Ironically enough, Phillip's personality is usually quite chipper, in which he may hum a children's tune while decapitating some grocery store cashiers, or make light small talk with students as he guts their teacher. To make matters even better, death-defying stunts usually calm Phillip, so you hardly ever see him sitting still, unless it's while dangling over something high in the air. His past, as well as just about any information on him other than this, is unknown."

:bulletblack: Archer Abigail: :thumb317939394:

--- Archer is owned by UncommonlyNormal. If you have any questions concerning him, please note UncommonlyNormal. Since Phillip does not have an extensively detailed reference sheet, his bio is slightly longer.
--- "MAIN FOCUSES: He is constantly smoking, and refuses to wear shirts (it has been a long battle between him and the tyranny of upper-body clothing). YES, he would be fine(-ish) with a scarf, or things worn on arms, but vests, jackets, shirts, anything like that he HATES. If you're wanting to put something on him and you're not sure about it, don't be afraid to note me~ ( UncommonlyNormal )
Info: Archer Abigail (he despises his last name) is a meat head. Sure, he can be smart when he wants to, but he thinks fighting and looking muscular is more important. He's a bit of an airhead as well, in which you can bait him into almost anything, which would most likely end up in fighting. No, it's not sports that Archer is into, it's just violent fighting and roughhousing. Archer is completely human, but due to his obsession with fighting/looking strong, he is considerably stronger than a regular person, although it destroys whatever sense of balance he has. When Archer is with others and not fighting, he constantly talks (not high speed, he just won't shut up about the stupidest things). When he's alone, though, Archer is usually completely silent, minus his smoking. His friends thinks he's part introvert because of his family (who he refuses to talk about), but when one looks at him, he just peace. No one has yet to break into this introverted side of the jock, so he continues to smoke, prefer to be alone, and fight about the littlest things."

(FOR MY OCs: I highly encourage everyone to read more on their reference sheets if you would like more and in-depth information on the characters! Also, it is possible that I MAY (probably will) add more OCs to this list.
One last thing, I ENCOURAGE that you draw them in clothes different from what is shown in their reference sheet! My characters are never set to one outfit! (again, this is for strxbe's OCs ONLY!)

:star: Song List :star:

-Each title has a link to the song on YouTube. Each video has the lyrics of the song included either in the video OR the description of the video.
-I made a playlist of all the videos linked below, for easy browsing access, if you like.…

:bulletblack:"Fuck You" by Lily Allen
:bulletblack:"Congratulations, I Hate You" by Alesana (this is a song with screaming in it.)
:bulletblack:"Endlessly" by Muse
:bulletblack:"Touchin' On My" by 3OH!3
:bulletblack:"Wrong Way" by Sublime
:bulletblack:"Hell Yes" by Alkaline Trio
:bulletblack:"Trendy" by Reel Big Fish
:bulletblack:"Blame It On Bad Luck" by Bayside
:bulletblack:"Hello Seattle" by Owl City
:bulletblack:"Suicide" by In The Face Of War (this is a song with screaming in it.)
:bulletblack:"I'm Awesome" by Spose…  
:bulletblack: "I Hate Everyone" by Get Set Go
:bulletblack: "My Standard Break From Life" by Alkaline Trio
:bulletblack: "Admit It!" by Say Anything
:bulletblack: "Feeling This" by blink-182
:bulletblack: "Block After Block" by Matt & Kim
:bulletblack: "Buried Myself Alive" by The Used
:bulletblack: "Discord" by The Living Tombstone/Eurobeat Brony
:bulletblack: "Always I Want To Be With You" by Erasure
:bulletblack: "Wake Me Up Inside" by Evanescence
:bulletblack: "Help I'm Alive" by Metric
:bulletblack: "Hangover Song" by Say Anything
:bulletblack: "Stay Useless" by Cloud Nothings
:bulletblack: "I Am Not A Whore" by LMFAO
:bulletblack: "Hot Mess" by Cobra Starship
:bulletblack: "Walk" by Foo Fighters
:bulletblack: "You Don't Know" by Reel Big Fish
(it is possible that I may add more songs to this list)
(sorry they're not all cute and poppy omg ;-; )

:bulletred: If you happen to choose certain songs with certain OCs (such as ones that I personally put on there for nostalgic reasons, or the singing is how I imagine the character's voice, etc/similar) you will get something. I don't know what yet, but something. (note, if you happen to do this, it DOES NOT increase your chances of winning! It's simply a luck thing that can win you extra prizes for fun, haha.)


:bulletred::star: First Place Rewards:

-200points from Sillaque
-colored waist-up from me, strxbe
-one free custom adoptable OR colored bust from me, strxbe
-one month page feature, permanent feature on this journal , devWATCH, and llama from me, strxbe
-fullbody colored with background from bierderlack
-colored bust from EmiMizuki
-chibi from EmiMizuki
-chibi OR cell shaded bust from VEEDUBBZ
-two poems OR one story/fanfiction from That-one-Author-girl
-llama and two month feature from That-one-Author-girl
-colored drawing from Gay-Kid
-journal feature, llama, and a comment/critique from missimoinsane

:bulletred::star: Second Place Rewards:

-120points from Sillaque
-colored bust from me, strxbe
-one month page feature, devWATCH, and llama from me, strxbe
-colored bust from bierderlack
-chibi from EmiMizuki
-bust sketch from InfamousWiltedRose
-llama and one month feature from That-one-Author-girl
-journal feature, llama, and a comment/critique from missimoinsane

:bulletred::star: Third Place Rewards:

-80points from Sillaque
-colored bust from me, strxbe
-one month page feature, devWATCH, and llama from me, strxbe
-uncolored lineart bust from bierderlack
-bust sketch from InfamousWiltedRose
-llama and one week feature from That-one-Author-girl
-journal feature, llama, and a comment/critique from missimoinsane


---Please Read This Before Asking Questions---
(THESE ARE NOT ALL RULES LOL OMG. I'm just trying to be as thorough as possible so that there is no confusion and minimal questions. xD)
» You may submit as many entries as you like.
» If you donate any sort of prize, you CAN still enter the contest as well.
» If you want to donate a prize, (points, artwork, icons, watches, llamas, etc) please NOTE me the details.
» If you have any questions about ANYTHING, (characters, the contest in general, etc) note me. strxbe

» Only ONE character per entry. Please do not draw couples, groups, etc. If you feel like you MUST include a second character or an OC of your own, make sure the FOCUS of your entry is on the character you have chosen to pair with the song, while any others are used simply as props. (This accounts for everyone EXCEPT Damien and Joshwa. The reason for this being that they are BOTH contest subjects and they are already a couple. HOWEVER; if you draw them as a couple, the song you choose must account for and represent both of them in some way, shape, or form.)
» Do not draw the character as an animal or anthro.
» Please color your entry.
» No literature or photography. If you have questions about other medias, ask me.
» Do not gender-bend the characters.
» Violence, gore, and nudity are accepted but please follow deviantART's general rules and regulations.
» You are allowed to use any information of each character you come across. (this includes information on reference sheets, deviations, etc) You are not limited to only the information in the short bio.
» You are allowed to assume information of any character based on the information that IS given.
» Please do not use any bases or anyone else's work. All entries should be 100% your own idea and your own work.
» Want to draw Jara or Joshwa, but are intimidated by their tattoos? Draw them in a jacket or a less revealing shirt. MY OCs can be drawn in any clothing you like. (so long as it fits their personality, of course)

» When you submit your entry, post a link back to this journal in the artist's comments. This helps others find the contest easily if they would like to join as well.
» Please favorite this journal OR leave a comment if you are considering entering. This helps me keep track of how many people may be entering so I can add you to the entrants list.
» You DO NOT have to watch me to enter the contest. (however it is helpful for getting quick updates)
» You DO NOT have to post a journal, poll, or anything else advertising this contest to enter. (though it is appreciated, since I would like as many entries as possible!)
» When you submit an entry, provide a link to it in either a note or a comment here or on my page. I will put into a folder with all of the other entries. Just PLEASE do not forget this! I won't be able to add your entry if I don't know it exists!

» All entries will be judged on creativity, obvious effort, character accuracy, and song+character relation. The harder to you try to make your entry portray the character best you can, the better a chance you will have in the contest.
» Having a higher skill level will not guarantee you placing in the contest.


-If you POSSIBLY have any other questions, please feel free to ask through a comment or note. I'll clear it up as soon as possible! :la:
-I would LOVELOVELOVE many prize donors and many entrants! Please help me make this contest more enjoyable for everyone! ;u;
-All point donors will get a free colored bust of anything they like once the contest is finished.

:star::star: The Deadline is October20th. :star::star:

(this can be extended if need-be)

Thank you in advance to everyone who enters! It's really appreciated. If this contest goes well, I will definitely have more in the future! (More than likely a design contest!)

I hope you all like this topic... since you voted for it lolomg
//awkwardly waits for feedback and cries

Entrants Who Have Submitted:


Entrants Who Have NOT Submitted:


(please note that if you favorite this journal, I assume that as an at least "contemplating", so I will add you to the entrants list if you favorite! Unless you specify otherwise with a comment!)


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